Nov 282013

One of the highlights of my first six months in the new job (CUPE Equality Officer) was the equality forum at national convention. It was a privilege and joy to work with Elise Bryant and the CUPE members who courageously spoke about their personal experiences as equality activists. This article gives a glimpse. (Thanks, Wes Payne, for another excellent edit!)

Equality forum participants share important stories, lessons | CUPE.

Jul 142013

“A landmark federal court decision that states workplaces are obliged to accommodate reasonable childcare-related requests from their employees signals significant changes ahead … Disability, gender and religion are no longer the primary basis for human rights complaints, [Stuart Rudner, employment law specialist] said, adding family-related issues are bound to gain more prominence”

via Employers told they must accommodate staff’s child-care requests – Canada – CBC News

Lancaster House published an article on the case in March:

“After a 9-year legal battle by an employee who was denied a work schedule that would accommodate her parental childcare obligations, the Federal Court of Canada has upheld a complaint of discrimination based on the prohibited ground of family status, contrary to sections 7 and 10 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. The Court held that the Tribunal reasonably interpreted the term “family status” as including childcare obligations, that it applied the proper legal test to reach a finding of prima facie discrimination, and that it reasonably concluded that the evidence established discrimination resulting from the employer’s refusal to allow the employee to work fixed full-time hours.”