Jul 162013

The Federal Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities released a report in June titled Exploring Employment Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities. It contains some useful data such as employment rates and earnings for people with disabilities, some of those figures broken down for women, Aboriginal workers, and type of disability.

The report underestimates systemic discrimination in employer decisions, exaggerates current federal measures for workers with disabilities, and too often passes the buck to provinces. Nevertheless, some of the evidence presented by witnesses and other references are useful.

For example, one NGO points out that targeted funding is disadvantaging those with more complex, multiple barriers or long-term disabilities (p. 19). This sounds similar to activity-based funding, payment by results and other market-model systems in health care that have had negative outcomes like “cream skimming” healthier patients and more privatization.

The report gives a nod to social enterprise, which CUPE critiques here and here.

The report fails to mention that, as PSAC tells us, “cuts to public services and jobs are having a disproportionate impact on members of equity groups, including forcing employees with disabilities out of the workplace”. See more here.

Jul 142013

“This report contains ten powerful case stories of immigrant families from racialized backgrounds who are struggling to find stable employment in Canada. The case stories are based on results from the third phase of a community based research project conducted by the Income Security, Race and Health team in Toronto.”

via Where are the Good Jobs? Ten case stories of ‘working rough, living poor’ | Access Alliance.