Apr 062015

Like many other parents at this time of year, I’m shopping for a bike for my kid. I started with the web sites of local retailers. I almost spit out my coffee when I read Bushtukah’s description of their kids bikes. For the boy bike, the lead text was “empower your little one”; the girl bike was “for your little princess”.

What year is this?

I take some hope from Bushtukah acting quickly on my complaint. I wrote their web worker, and he wrote back within the hour to say he’d changed the text and would raise my concerns with Trek, the manufacturer and author of those descriptions.

I hope Trek is as responsive as Bushtukah and stops using 1950s era gender branding. Enough with the pink and baby blue for the girls’ and women’s bikes. (I bought another brand’s mountain bike two years ago, for myself, because the Trek ones were so gendered.)

Trek isn’t alone. A bunch of companies put out pink gear for girls and blue (or worse, military colours) for boys – and other gendered branding. Are consumers complaining? 

A few weeks ago, an Ottawa restaurant apologized for its sexist sign when it got complaints. 

I wish we didn’t have to waste time on these old battles, but it seems we do. Thanks, Bushtukah, for acting quickly, and may you convince Trek to change track.

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